Delaney Grad 2017 :: Take 2 Prom edition

As I post this Delaney is out having fun at her senior prom. Last evening we ventured out for a photo shoot in her prom dress but I had strict instructions not to post these until tonight.  Very early in the prom planning Delaney knew she wanted a flower crown. She is super happy with the one made for her by a friends sister. In my opinion it is totally her. When I look at her, all dressed up today, it is hard to believe that today has come.  It seems as though in the last few months, an adult has emerged. I am so very thrilled at the beautiful, respectful, and loving young woman she has become. I am only emotional, not for what is being left behind but for the amazing life that lies ahead for her. God has truly blessed me with her and I am excited to see where her life leads. Here are a few images that have been Delaney approved!

F a c e b o o k