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    I feel totally blessed by the many beautiful expectant parents, newborns, children and families that choose me to document so many important milestones. Your support continues to amaze me and I am looking forward to another great year! If you are pregnant and looking for maternity/newborn photos I suggest you contact me early in your pregnancy to secure a session around your due date. My new studio, located in downtown Summerland offers beautiful natural light, and a space for tired parents to relax and watch me create timeless newborn memories. I am currently booking newborn sessions from October to March (2018)

Linnette, J, and J

Finally after at least 6weeks and two postponements I was finally able to coordinate an evening to shoot this wonderful family. Between work schedules, kids sports, and weather, things came together. All day I watched the weather as a thunderstorm was in the forecast. As I drove to Penticton it poured, but the sun came out, casting beautiful light for a great evening of photos. I was a little nervous I must say, having very little experience photographing teenage boys, but this handsome guy put me at ease and was a natural in front of the lens. The love he shows for his sister was so neat to see, as was the bond between them. Being a sporty family, the graffitti basketball court was very appropriate, and the kids had fun goofing around. The shoot ended in Summerland, with the sun just setting. Thanks guys for being such great sports. Here is a sneak peak for you.

jen sander - June 30, 2009 - 9:28 am

love the 4rth one…i know those kids!!! great choice of the graff park….it's soo them!!

Out in the Orchard

The long wait for my new lens is over and I am so thrilled to finally have it. Things have been a little slower in the past few weeks so I have had time to take out my girls and take some sweet shots. Although my oldest decided she didn’t want to partake in the shoots, I had a very willing model in my best friend’s middle daughter, who happens to be best friends with my middle daughter. The relationship they share is very special as they have been friends since the time they were born. Rachel is so like my firstborn it is surprising they actually share no DNA. I did have to “pay” Brooklyn and was pleasantly surprised that she even agreed to a wardrobe change mid shoot. When we were done and at home again she reminded me about the money agreement….”mom, where are my nickels?”. I am so pleased with the results. I am taking an old school friend out this weekend with her two kids so stay tuned for the results.

Something New

I have had the pleasure over the last couple of weeks to photograph two new babies, one boy and one girl (but not at the same time!)Baby “A” belongs to a couple I have gotten to know since his birth. His dad works with my husband and his mom is a great photographer. I have to admit I was a wee bit nervous to photograph them, but all in all I am pleased with the results. I spent the morning with sweet Baby “L” and her mommy last week, and although she decided she wanted to see what was going on instead of sleeping I was able to capture her in all her sweetness. This little girl is lucky to have a helpful big sister who loves her so much. Thanks to the moms and dads for your time and patience. Here is just a sneek peek.

Beach Baby

I first met this little sweetheart just after his arrival and couldn’t get over how squishy and cute he was. I just love his mop of platinum blond wavy locks and couldn’t wait to capture all this cuteness. Here is just a sample of the many. Although I have to say, he really didn’t sleep for any great lengths. At nine days old I think he was way more interested in what was going on. Thanks so much to the mom and dad for giving me the opportunity to capture these precious moments for you.

My Girls

I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed them before…the barns that is. I had been on the lookout for a great barn to do some photos and the other night there they were. I have run the same route many times before but the other day I saw them and it was as if they were just recently dropped there! It took a little convincing, but three showers, hair blow drys, and outfits later my girls agreed to a photoshoot with me. Unfortunately by the time we were ready the sun was in full force, but thankfully a few clouds allowed for intermittent periods of cover. I will definately head back here! Avery even captured a few of me (seen on facebook), but as I prefer to stay behind the lens that is where they will stay.

Vicki - March 31, 2009 - 4:36 pm

Beautiful, Heidi (all of your pictures…and especially your girls!) I just stumbled across this site by accident and am glad I did! So then, will you be able to do our family photos in the late spring????

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