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    I feel totally blessed by the many beautiful expectant parents, newborns, children and families that choose me to document so many important milestones. Your support continues to amaze me and I am looking forward to another great year! If you are pregnant and looking for maternity/newborn photos I suggest you contact me early in your pregnancy to secure a session around your due date. My new studio, located in downtown Summerland offers beautiful natural light, and a space for tired parents to relax and watch me create timeless newborn memories. I am currently booking newborn sessions from October to March (2017)

Waris Singh :: 3 1/2 Weeks Newborn {Summerland Newborn Photographer}

Waris came to see me today for his newborn shoot. Although he was due to arrive July 13th, he decide he would rather be a June baby so came early on June 12th. For an early baby he did very well, and weighed 5lbs 80z. Today he is already up to 6 lbs 4 oz and growing like crazy.  Waris arrived awake and I got to see his big brown eyes open. It only took one swaddle and he was asleep.  He really must have enjoyed his session as he gave me a couple of smiles. I love love love his full head of dark hair and flawless skin.  Thank you Manpreet and Deep for trusting me with your sweet little man. He is absolutely adorable and I really could have kept him. 

Casso Paul :: 10 Days Newborn {Kelowna Newborn Photographer}

Sweet Casso is such a little peanut. Born on June 25th, one day shy of 37 weeks he weighed just 4 lbs 15 0z. I am sure he is the littlest newborn I have photographed.  Mom tells me Casso was up and feeding all night so for our session today he was a super star, sleeping pretty much the whole time. I was able to get everything finished in less than two hours! Cassy was very smiley and I was able to capture a couple of grins. Thank you Deja and Colby for making your way to my studio from Kelowna in the summer traffic.  Your boy is precious and I enjoyed spending my morning with him.

Delaney Grad 2017 :: Take 2 Prom edition

As I post this Delaney is out having fun at her senior prom. Last evening we ventured out for a photo shoot in her prom dress but I had strict instructions not to post these until tonight.  Very early in the prom planning Delaney knew she wanted a flower crown. She is super happy with the one made for her by a friends sister. In my opinion it is totally her. When I look at her, all dressed up today, it is hard to believe that today has come.  It seems as though in the last few months, an adult has emerged. I am so very thrilled at the beautiful, respectful, and loving young woman she has become. I am only emotional, not for what is being left behind but for the amazing life that lies ahead for her. God has truly blessed me with her and I am excited to see where her life leads. Here are a few images that have been Delaney approved!

Delaney :: Grad 2017

It is so hard to believe these beauties are graduating and will soon be embarking on the new phase of their lives. The end of this week will be bittersweet for sure. As exciting as it is to see where each of their paths will lead, it also means another life change for parents and siblings. I am not sure we are ready for that! The last time I photographed all of these girls they had just finished their first year of high school and now they have finished their last. I hope these girls can stay connected as they all head off in different directions. 

Aliya Van Bergeyk - June 26, 2017 - 9:48 pm

Thank you soooooo much! These are so beautiful!

Sweet Baby Boy :: 8 Days Newborn {Summerland Newborn Photographer}

What a sweet baby this little man is. His parents are working hard on finding the perfect name for him. He arrived fast and furious at home on June 18th weighing 9 lbs 9.5oz. What a special Father’s day it was for dad! Joining us today was his big sister Lily Piper who is 4yrs old. She loves her baby brother.  Older siblings are such a treat to photograph! Mom is an avid gardener and brought a few things to incorporate into our session. There was very little fussing from this handsome boy during his session and he made my job really easy. I have always prided myself on getting away with never getting messed on during a session. Well, today let’s just say, I had to go home in one of the dresses I have for my maternity clients!!! Thank you so for having me capture these special memories for you. 

Nadica - June 29, 2017 - 9:55 am

Omg!! How beautiful is he! And Lilly is amazing! So happy for you Jen and Joseph and your wonderful new family.
Big Hugs to all xoxo

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